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Quintana Roo, Mexico

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Christmas 2013  Issue 132aa

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Once again it is that time of the year,
And The Staff sends you our warmest Christmas cheer,
And all the very best in the New Year.


It Is the Day Before Christmas

It was the day before Christmas,
And Santa was busy preparing his reindeer and sleigh,
Because he knew he would soon be on his way.

It was Christmas Eve 2013,
And Santa was once again eager and keen,

The course was all plotted and set,
And he’d be back home by dawn, that was a good bet.

 “It’s Christmas Eve” he said to his elves,
As they moved toys to the sleigh from the workshop shelves,

 And he grinned, chuckled, and winked a time or two, maybe three,
Knowing he soon would be squeezing into many a chimney,

 But to Santa that did not matter a twit,
Knowing the fireplaces would be cold and unlit.

 It was more important that he stay on the course throughout the night,
Not wanting to give a poor child a toy-less Christmas morning fright.

 He knew it would be hard, and there might be places with lots of ice,
And then there are others where the weather might be quite nice.

 As he charted his Christmas Eve course, with one eye to the sky,
It was decided that he would first, to Akumal fly.

The final preparations made, he gathered the elves and patted each head,
Saying, “It’s now time for you to rest and go to bed.

“It’s now up to the reindeer and me,
We are heading off to Akumal and the Caribbean Sea.”

The Akumal house roofs are large and flat and offer a good view,
But many are topped by a satellite dish or two,

No matter, it would be rather mild, and he knew the perfect spot to land,
He’d swing around the palm trees and land on the sand.

So, Santa would have to enter by the upstairs balcony,
But he needed to be aware of the Akumal police and private security.

From Akumal, Santa would swing up to Uxbridge, Mass.
Where Ryan Fredette would be resting his weary ass,

He’d be tired after another long day plowing snow,
But he wonders what is in the package with the big bow,

And then there is going to be,
FaceTime with Humma & Bobbo, who he is waiting to see.

Then again Christmas is very, very near,
And if you listen quietly, you know what you can hear,

A thousand voices singing out, “Merry Christmas to All and a Very Happy New Year.”


It finally was Christmas Day,
And Santa was just about glued to his sleigh.

After spending the last 24 hours flying ‘round the globe,
All he wanted was a warm fire, his slippers and robe,

But he needed to make just one more swing over Uxbridge,
Where he knew daddy Fredette was raiding the fridge,

While mommy Fredette tended to the fire,
And 20-year old Ryan was anxiously waiting for time to expire.

 “Can’t I open just one,” Ryan whined one more time,
“If Humma was here, she’d say it was fine.”

As for Humma and Bobo, they were one hour behind in Mexico,
Where they also were without snow,

But they too had a Christmas tree,
One, they hand-picked from beside the Caribbean Sea.

It’s not tall, full, and green, like Ryan’s,
And Santa gives them an A+ for really tryin’.

Christmas day is finally here,
And families the world over celebrate with good cheer,

Knowing the Christ child was born, albeit small and pale,
But more importantly, tomorrow begins the after-Christmas Sale.

His work finally done,
Santa finally heads home into the sun,

And you can hear him shout, if you cup a hand to your ear
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good morning, until next year.”

 Merry Christmas, Ryan.

Here is our Akumal Christmas tree.

And, here is Ryan and his Christmas Tree.


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