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Report on the meeting with Municipal President Martin Cobos and Treasurer Hilario Gutierrez on Monday, October 1, 2012

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This report is supplied by Laura Wolfe, who co-ordinated and monitored the meeting.

Laura opened the meeting by thanking everyone for coming, and thanking the authorities for their presence. She explained that the purpose of the meeting was to inform the property owners of the taxes and permits necessary to be legal and to meet the new administration. 

Mr. Cobos explained that his administration is here to work, and to correct past fiscal terrorism, and help investors, both national and foreign, as well as property owners to feel confident in their government.
 He explained that he knows Akumal's history well and understands that you have invested ... and he wants his administration to help you have that investment go well

He said there is much to do, and they do need people to pay their due taxes.
 If taxes are collected, they can begin to help in the community on both sides. For him,  there is only one Akumal. He does not support documentation or permits that are not in good order, no matter who or where.

He also explained he is working to get the Bay protected again, through coordinated efforts with CEA and with support from the government. The environment is a very big priority for them, and he has already approved 3 projects in Tulum. The waste collection center, eliminating the land fill, and creating a proper sanitary fill are the top three slated items. In the pueblo, he has ordered more garbage pick up, and has put in bathrooms in the main square for the public. 

He said the  Governor is aware that he would be in Akumal, and that they are working together on important including sustainable tourism.

Various questions and comments arose.   

1. Will the next government continue with the same guidelines as he is putting in?
He said that he is setting the ground work for future administrations to have clear rules and regulations to follow.

2. Can he be reelected?

No, but he is here to make his year count, and he will waste no time

3. Why have the taxes gone up so much?

There was an adjustment when Tulum took over from Solidaridad, to get the properties up to date on market values only.  

4. Why did federal zone taxes come up with one amount at the beginning of the year, and then it doubled, and then they asked for another amount without a receipt?

This is exactly what they are investigating and the head of Federal Zone was fired. The new person, ( I did not write down his name sorry ), will be correcting all these anomalies.

5. Comments about the Pueblo situation:  Mr. Cobos was asked to look at the Pueblo and help clean up the streets and help get the school upgrated, provide programs for the kids after school, and generally make sure their education level is improved.  

This is something Laura had  been discussing at length with to Mr. Cobos, letting him know we have tried to help the Primary School in the past, but that they had not been open to it. I also mentioned they have no shade , no place to have lunch, or a snack, terrible bathrooms, not enough class rooms, no after school programs, and the teachers sometimes don't even show up. 

He said he is working with the Teacher's Union and that this is something the Municipality is not directly in charge of, but that he is going to ask to be allowed to work with them to make these improvements. 

Roberto Pinto of Pro Caribe, from Tulum, came to give testimony about his experience with past government, and how he was unable to get anything done . He has a construction company and he could not build any homes because the government just wanted to extort them to get their licenses or denying them outright.  Since this new administration has been working, he is now able to build homes, and work very well with direct and clear communication on guidelines. The CEO of the company, a foreigner, who had been in Mexico for 8 years, was ready to take his investment to Belize, and now, instead he is taking a vacation, because he is no longer struggling to do business in Mexico. 

Hilario Gutierrez, the Treasurer fielded many of the questions, and explained in his own words, with very good English, the intentions of his office.
His goal is to help everyone and guide them with their particular issues. 

It was agreed that there will be 3 tax modules set up in Akumal in one week, for a one week period to help people understand what to do, which has been updated to 6 modules:
1. Catastro- Land Office,  
2.Federal Zone,
3.Desarollo Urbano- Urban Development-
4. Proteccion Civil- Civil Protection -
5.Transito- Transit Police,
6.Salubridad- Health Dept.  for Sanitary Licenses.

Exact dates to be advised. 


A follow-up by Laura.

Date: Monday to Friday October 8-12
Hours: 9am -12 noon
Location: Centro Ukana Plaza - The " Gym" location

This is a follow up on the agreement made by the Treasurer and Municipal President during the meeting of last week (see below), there will be a team of people from the Municipality this week in Akumal. They will have full internet capabilities to look up files and records pertaining to:

  • Land Taxes - Predial tax
  • Urban Development- Desarollo Urbano for anything to do with buildings and regularization
  • Federal Zone Tax - Zona Federal
  • Civil Proteccion - Proteccion Civil - for information on how to comply.
  • Health- Salubridad

This was a great opportunity to dig out your paperwork and check to see if you are in compliance as a property, whether you are living in it, renting it, or both. They have stated that there will be no back taxes charged, and no fines.

If you just have a doubt on your payments, you can also go and verify it.




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