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North Akumal Road Update Photos, October, 2011

For those non-believers, the North Akumal road project is coming along very, very nicely, as these photos attest.  The photos are not labeled on the section of road, but you can obviously ascertain where they were taken. These were taken in early October, and quite a bit of progress has been made beyond what you see here.

The road road crew was working on the section from Casa del Sol up to the entrance of the Lagoon during the last week of October, and the last time The Staff looked, all the required bricks were stacked along the side of the road.

Needless to say, NARC, spearheaded by Russ Motley of Akumal Investments and Rhett Schober of Akumal Villas, is doing a fantabulous job that is greatly appreciated by everyone who drives to any part of North Akumal.  Unfortunately, NARC reports that there still are a number of North Akumal residents who just absolutely refuse to contribute anything to making the road complete, from end to end, even those who still maintain a pot-holed dirt road in front of their house/condo/business.  Shame on you.

For some historical information about the North Akumal Road Improvement Project and NARC, take a look at:

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Photos courtesy of Sherwood Anders.

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Who would have thought NARC would actually come through and do such a good job?

Looking real good.

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