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North Akumal Road Improvement Project

February 28, 2011  Akumal
In order to improve the image of Akumal, increase our rentals and save our cars, the entire North Akumal road needs to be completed with brick pavers.

Each section of road has been measured and identified for the improvements from the curve to Yal Ku. The plan is to keep the current width of 7.5 meters (24.6’) wide. In total length, we need to improve 1,256 meters (4,120’) for a total surface area of 9,420 M2 or 101,359 sq. ft.

Speed bumps (topes) will be 15cm in height and look like the one in front of La Buena Vida. They will be spaced approximately every 100 meters. We will begin the project from the curve and go north to Miramar, then start from Yal Ku going south.

Susan Mead has agreed to send us a Planner to assist in the project and advise on water drainage. Next, we will obtain bids for the brick, sand, cement and labor. We have already obtained a commitment to purchase the paving bricks at a 50% discount.

If you have not heard, Akumal Villas will be matching the funds collected, up to $30,000 USD until March 31st. We need your donations now, especially if you have not improved the section in front of your property.

All donations will receive a “Factura” (official receipt) and all money will only go towards completing the road improvement. If funds are left over after the project is completed, then each donor will be returned their percentage of the total donations.

We need your money now! Please wire your money today so we do not miss out on the matching funds! Remember, we have until March 31st to obtain these matching funds! All funds will go into an escrow account and 100% will be spent directly on road improvements.  Those of us who are managing the project are volunteers and will get no compensation for our efforts, except a nicely bricked road.

We can accept checks, cash,  or bank wire transfers.

·       For checks, please make your check payable to ASOCIACION DE VECINOS DE AKUMAL NORTE, A.C.   Please deliver checks or cash to: 

1.       Carmina at the accounting office; second floor of the building in front of La Lunita.

2.      The Akumal Investments office next to the  Lol Ha, or

3.      The Akumal Villas office.

·       Please contact Russ at  and he will send you wire instructions via email for dollars or pesos.  After you have wired, please send an email with the amount and date of the wire so we may confirm receipt of your donation.

We are asking each of the vendors that services Akumal to also donate, from Corona to Z Gas to taxis and transport companies. Please talk to your Home Owners Association and get involved financially, even if you have already improved your section.

Our plan for maintaining the road is to sell personalized bricks to tourists with their name engraved on the brick to be used in the center lane for $25 U.S.D. These will be a different color than the outer bricks. It should be easy to just pull up a brick and replace it with the engraved bricks and the program could last for years having over a kilometer of center lane needing improvement and another kilometer already improved.

We need a few volunteers to help market the brick campaign via Facebook, other social networks, and in all of our rental homes and condos. Please contact us if you can help. We need to identify and contact every vendor, so Spanish speakers would be helpful. Any and all ideas are needed and appreciated.

Contact David, Rhett or Russ if you can help in any way.

David:  (+1 215 887-0744)



Thank you for your donation and participation.


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