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Special Edition

This initially intended to report on the results of the recent Survey, but another very important matter has just surfaced, and it is absolutely imperative that most of you know about it. It's with regards to the Akumal Council Meeting tomorrow and the discussions on what the Tulum Municipality plans to do with the taxes for 2009, and this is especially important for the absentee landlords.  Please see the section at the end, after the Survey results, for more info on this.

The Staff has been analyzing the results of the recent Survey regarding the future format and content of The Akumalian, and The Staff is very surprised and perplexed about the results.  Once you see the results below, you should understand the situation and dilemma The Staff is now faced with.  The results seem to go counter to everything The Staff hears from subscribers at the Beach Bar and via e-mail!!!

First of all, The Staff is quite pleased with the response (5.1%) to the Survey that was included as part of the June issue on June 1st.  It's not great, but all things considered, it's OK.  Unfortunately, such a small percentage of the readers are apparently going to decide the future direction of The Akumalian.

If you recall, the June issue of The Akumalian had abbreviated paragraphs for the three June holidays, with a link to the full story that might have been reported in the past.  The first question in the Survey pertained to this format, and the question was, 1. Do you like and approve of this abbreviated format with a link to "The rest of the story"?

As The Staff suspected, there was an overwhelming approval for this format.

Next was a multiple part question asking if you, the readers, wanted this abbreviated format to be used with other elements/stories in The Akumalian. 2. Should this format be expanded to include other 'Events' and/or 'News Items'?
   - Important Monthly Facts
   - Birthdays & Anniversaries
   - Best Shirt Award
   - Sporting Events
   - Full Moon
   - Space "stuff"

Here's how that 5.1% responded.

A majority of 54% just want a link to the "Important Monthly Facts".


This one was quite a bit closer, but the "Yes" (43%) beat out "No" (41%) of the respondents to say they do not want the "Birthdays and Anniversaries" listed, preferring to have a link to that information.


Once again, the respondents only want to have a link to the monthly story on the "Best Shirt Award", with 45% voting this way.


This one on "Sporting Events" is surprising by the fact that 36% of the respondents were 'undecided', but a 38% majority state that they just prefer the link to "the rest of the story".


Well, what can we say about the "Full Moon"?  Obviously, it is not something that the readers want to have in The Akumalian, as attested to the 51% of the respondents who voted to just have a link to the full moon info.  However, this is very interesting in the context of the next category.


Of all the categories used in the Survey, this - "Space 'Stuff'" - is the only one the respondents wanted to retain the full story in the body of The Akumalian!, as 42% voted this way, vs the 34% who wanted the abbreviated version with a link!!!


As most of you know, there is a General Meeting for the Akumal Council tomorrow, Wednesday, June 24, at the Lol Ha restaurant at 11:00.  Unfortunately, the announcement last week by the Akumal Council did not seem to cover what seems to be the severity of the situation as explained by Marcy Essy below, especially for those owners who rent their properties.

Admittedly this too is a bit on the late side, but it seems to be absolutely imperative that all absentee landlords have somebody who represents them at this meeting tomorrow.

Here's what Marcy sent to the Aventuras Akumal owners, and it is followed by a brief letter from one of the accountants.

Dear owners of Aventuras Akumal,

 This letter is in regards to regularizing all condos and villas.  If you rent your villa or condo the Tulum municipality is requiring all properties to become legal, bring all paper work up to date and pass by all properties for measurements and licensees.  All Akumal properties are going through the same thing at this time.  The Akumal Council has been working with the Tulum Municipality to extend their time and date of the required lisc. for each rental.

 The Tulum municipal has many lists and web sites printed off with all rental properties on them.  They are very aware for the last two years, referring to Playa that these rentals are active.  It does not matter if there are corporations established in the states or your origin.  Mexico requires rental properties to have an S. A. de C. V. in Mexico.

 We, the council have a few teams of accountants from the College of Accountants, and that means they are established and accredited.   This is very important information to start with, your manager can be contacted and encouraged to attend this meeting.  It will be bi-lingual for all people attending.  This is an obligation and the municipal sees it that way as well.  It is the owners’ personal obligation be legal and regularized for rentals.  If there are any questions to this process please contact me through email or calling me in Iowa.

 My phone number in Iowa is 515-961-8640 until August 15 upon my departure back to Akumal.  I personally have spent 7 weeks on presentations to the general public and to the municipal of Tulum.  The pre dial is expected to be adjusted to four times the amount more than you paid last year in 2008.  We suggest you pay close attention to the raise in December when the 25% discount will arise once again.

 I also have been working with CAPA our water company for the state and we are still trying to come up with an efficient system for our sewage and closing down the septic's that are almost 25 years old and leaks into the ground table.

 There are many changes and news to share.  Feel free to call me and I would love to explain the latest developments in our ever growing area.

 Thank you
Marcy Essy


 Hello to everyone.-

 This letter is to inform you that on the 24th of June at 11:00 a.m. there will be an briefing in Lol Ha Restaurant addressing the matter of the regularization of Akumal.  I would like to take this opportunity to cordially invite you to this event and would like to stress that your participation will be very important to all.

  I would also like to take this opportunity also to send you cordial greetings.  I welcome any comments.  Please RSVP with me, at 044-984-1500-784, or by email .

 Lic. José de Jesús Cano Valles
Assistant to the Board of Directors
Consejo de Desarrollo Akumal A.C.
Akumal, Quintana Roo
77730, México

(52) 984-1500-784






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