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July 2006 Issue 40

Special Issue


The "regular" July issue of The Akumalian will not be distributed for another week.  This is a "special" issue based on an agenda item (#5) for the Akumal Council's General Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, July 11th.  There has not been a General Meeting since early December.

The Akumal Council seems intent on banning non-members, with the exception of ex-2005 members, and this should not be much of a problem, since so few owners are in Akumal right now.  And, the implication is that there will be no vote on #5, only discussion, same with the Agenda as a whole; i.e. it's basically a report.


On July 3rd, the Akumal Council distributed an e-mail about the General meeting, and The Akumalian says, "Good Job" on the communication itself, as well as the lead time.  Here is the e-mail in its entirety.

July 11th, 11:30 A.M. at Lol-Ha.

This is an official invitation to the membership of The Akumal Council.  We welcome current members as well as members from 2005.  Any non-member wishing to attend will have the opportunity to join before the meeting.


1.      Welcome and list of attendance.

2.      Membership Report.   (Pledges and Payments 2006)

3.      Website status and report.

4.      President's Report.  Gonzalo Arcila will present a brief report of the Akumal Council activities and the main projects in which we are involved.

5.      Oscar Constandse's Request.  Looking for the Council's support to sell beer at the snack bar at his entrance to Yal-ku and future plans for Yal-ku.

6.      General Matters.

7.      Closing.

 Stay informed by checking on a regular basis.



There are many, very angry owners, especially in the immediate vicinity of Yal-ku Lagoon, and one has submitted the following e-mail to other owners and The Akumalian.  It is reprinted in its entirety.

 "After reading #5, I just couldn’t stand to not send a response to this attempt of the camel to get his nose under the tent.

Please , if you are in town, do not let beer be sold here.  Like as neighbors, we already have a huge increase in street trash (litter) and parking everywhere along the road.  For those of us who have property along the water's edge, we frequently deal will lost Constandse's patrons wishing to walk through our houses and yards.  This will become worse and perhaps violent dealing with drunks.  And last, there are no life guards on this property, there is no protection for non-drunk patrons or others.

Some say Sr. C only wants to supply a beer to the people buying a hamburger at his snack bar.  The hamburgers do not cause any problems, enjoying 1 beer isn't the problem.  I bet you can't drink just one, and who always orders the hamburger?  Water, tourists and drinking are always not the best of groupings of activities.  They have a long way to drive to get out of Akumal and if none of this matters to you, "What about the broken glass from the bottles which undoubtedly find it's way into the already ecologically suffering Laguna?"  All the people I sent this request to, and that have responded to me, are very negative! on having beer sold there.  Think about it and please send a proxy, or vote to address this at a time when the neighbors are in town.

I'm so upset that this is on the Meeting with only 9 days warning! I am out of Akumal until the 16th."


The Akumal Council replied to some of the feedback they received, like the one above, with the following e-mail, again printed in its entirety; another section of the e-mail is in the next story. 

"Regarding the beer issue at Yal-ku, this is our understanding: They/Oscar Constandse already have a snack bar at the entrance where they sell hamburgers and 'what not'.  And as you can imagine, a large percentage of the people who come out of the water and order a hamburger would love a beer with their hamburger.  They're not going to change their hours, enlarge the snack bar or anything else.  I suspect that if they hadn't said anything to us, no one would even have noticed.  It's also important to point out that it was brought up to the Akumal Council as a courtesy, but our guess is that a vote of 'NO' will not stop them from selling beer.

So our thinking is that it's better to approach the issue amicably and use it as an opportunity to propose setting some limits on the lagoon; for instance, charging more, so while they could continue to make the same amount of money, there would be less traffic.  In addition, we could request help with picking up the trash in the area of Yal-ku.  We know there are lots of opinions about this, and though we will not be sending a proxy at this time, we will, for this issue, consider opinions sent by e-mail as voice.

It's also important for people to remember that if they want to have a say in the decisions of the Akumal Council, that they can do so by becoming a member.  For more information, go to "


You will all be happy to know that the municipality has, at the request of the Akumal Council, again agreed to send us their Jet Patcher to help maintain our roads.  This is the machine that does asphalt patches on the old sections of blacktop road.  This much needed assistance is a direct result of the relationship that the Akumal Council has developed with the municipality.  To see them in action, go to 

And speaking of the road, 'hats off' to Vista del Mar for their new stretch of road.  It's a pleasure to drive over and an equal pleasure to see the area getting back to normal – only better!


Why doesn't the Akumal Council use its commitment to "Akumal" and get the Jet Patcher over to Jade Bay and South Akumal?

Admittedly, the roads in these two parts of Akumal are not in as bad a shape as the road in North Akumal, but there are pot holes that could benefit from the Akumal Council's relationship with the Municipality and the Jet Patcher.  Unfortunately, this lack of service to other sections of Akumal can give the Akumal Council the perception of being the North Akumal Council.


The Akumalian knows that many of the subscribers of The Akumalian are not on the distribution list of the Akumal Council, so this (Agenda Item #5) may be new s to many of you, and it behooves you to let the Akumal Council know what your position is on a beer concession at the entrance to Yal-ku.  The e-mails originate from so write there and copy, Gonzalo Arcila, the President, at


A one prominent member of the community says, "The Akumal Council is all we have."

It seems like the Akumal Council is tirelessly and unselfishly working with the Municipality to make Akumal a better place for all the residents and owners, and it behooves the community to support the Akumal Council"s efforts in any way possible.  Being a member of the Akumal Council is the simplest and easiest way to do that, and you do not have to be in Akumal to do that.

Go to the web site and communicate your membership level to Myrna Sparks, the new Membership Chairman, Akumal Council


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