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Letters to the Membership
This contains letters that were sent on October 18, 2007, with regards to the North Akumal Road project.  We'll see where we go from here.


Dear Akumal Community,

As we pursue our goal to fund the North Akumal road repair, we'd like to  thank the people who have already given money to the cause, and acknowledge those who have pledged to do so.

Donations Received
Las Casitas Akumal (received)
John McCullum, El Eden (received)
Kay and Gary Walten, Locogringo (received)
Diane and Denny Mahan, Akumal Villas (received)
Nancy Serwin, Casa Magna (received)
Richard and Arlene Pargot, Las Vigas (received)
Shotsie Forsythe, Luna Azul (received)
Shelly Rodrigues, Casa de Colores (received)
Nancy Mazza, Casa de Colores (received)
Susan Hogeland, Casa de Colores (received)
Gonzallo Arcila, Balam Ek (received)
Terry and Din Richardson, Casa Alux (received)

Donations Pledged but Not Received
Oscar Constandse, YalKu (pledged)
Susan Mead, Casa Pantera (pledged)
Jevanna Toribio, Casa del Mar, Nichte Ha (pledged)
Dive Shop (pledged)
Laura and Dave Wolfe (pledged)
Myrna Bush, Tajkumal (pledged)
Manuel Roman, Casa Iguana (pledged)
CEA (pledged)
TSA (pledged)

After analyzing several different bids and options, we have decided to award the project to Jaime Medina.  He has managed to bring in additional donors and considering this, has the best bid.  

We have collected enough money to begin the project and plan on starting next week.  We have decided to begin with the worst areas (in the spirit of cost effectiveness) and go as far as we can within our budget/contributions.  We have every expectation that we will be able to complete the whole project, but ultimately, it will depend on your contributions. The job is projected to take approximately 6 weeks, weather permitting.  The plan is to do one side of the road at a time and allow traffic to pass on the other side.  Preparing the road bed will require heavy machinery and though the workers will accommodate traffic the best they can, there will certainly be some inconvenience. The laying of the adocreto will begin at the entrance to Las Casitas and work through the worst part of the road.  At the same time, they will begin working on the walkway which will run the length of the Las Casitas fence.  When the bad section following the Las Casitas curve is finished, they will move to the north point by the entrance into the bungalows, and then work toward town. 

Future funds permitting, they will meet in the middle. Consistent with previous adocreto installations directly in front of individually owned properties, we hope to see additional contributions from those properties fronting on the center of this section of road.

Those of you who have pledged but not yet sent or delivered your check, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you for your prompt attention to this urgent matter.

Those of you who have not yet pledged, we are still short over $20,000 USD and we need support from the entire Akumal community and area businesses if we are to accomplish our goal. This stretch of road is the gateway to all of North Akumal and is an extreme asset to all who own properties and do business in Akumal. 

Please send your US checks to:

Akumal Council

5810 Santa Maria Ave. #205

PMB 8-522

Laredo, TX 78041-3055


Checks in Akumal can be delivered to Wendy at the TSA Money Exchange. 


In both cases, please make note on the check that they are for the ROAD FUND. 

This road will benefit everyone in the community and it will take the support of everyone in the community to accomplish our goal.  Please do your part by supporting our common goal.  

Thank you all for your contributions.

The Akumal Council

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