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The Akumal Council
General Assembly Meeting, Friday, March 2, 2007

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This was basically an informational meeting for the membership and all those who attended. We had a record attendance of 32 people, members and non members. Thank you all for coming.

1. - President's Report.
Gonzalo Arcila expressed special thanks to Loco Gringo, Hotel Akumal Caribe, Akumal Villas, Akumal Real Estate and Vista del Mar for their special effort on the gardens next to the Parking Lot.

2. - CAPA / Potable Water.
There was a general explanation on the status of the work being done by CAPA. It was stated that first phase of the installation (the new section of pipe) is finished, though it has not actually been connected yet. There are also issues of cleanup and repairs that have been promised, but have yet to be completed. There was mention of the intention to replace the most damage section of the road with adocreto and the need for a committee to manage the project. The Board Members will continue their work and negotiations with CAPA officials.

This was requested by South Akumal residents, and we will request that it goes to South Akumal at the first opportunity.

4. - North Akumal Regularization Plan.
Jimmy, our paid Architect, offered a full explanation of the Project, and the updated status, Plans, Topographical Survey, perspectives and general information are available with Gonzalo Arcila for those who want more details.

Concern was expressed over the cost of the infrastructure required in the final phase of the plan. It was mentioned that legalizing the plan will make equitable payment obligatory for all residents. We were informed that it will be approximately two to three months before the plan will be ready to be submitted for approval by the authorities. Approval will take significantly longer.

It was also discussed that the North Akumal Regularization Plan will act as a model to be used in the other Akumals. It was stated that regularization is a necessity and that before long, all areas will have to comply.

5. - Yalku
Elizabeth Calles agreed to create and lead the Committee to oversee Yalku and all issues pertaining to that area of Akumal.

6. - Akumal Bay Management Plan.
A brief explanation of this Committee was offered to the attendants. It was explained that the main objective of this plan is to regulate activity on Akumal Bay, with an emphasis on safety for swimmers by reducing and controlling the number of boats in the bay. CEA is working on the Documents to be presented to authorities that will be the Final AKUMAL BAY MANAGEMENT PLAN.

There was discussion about the aspects of the management plan as it pertains to the livelihood of the local fishermen.

7. - Police.
The point was made that there has been less police presence in all the Akumals and we agreed to look into it. Monitoring the police is a constant and ongoing task of The Council.

8. - Fidecaribe Building.
Sergio Gonzalez explained that the Municipality has finally obtained legal possession of the Fidecaribe building. As soon as the Council receives the legal rights to the building, we are ready to move ahead with our plan to remodel. The Akumal Council will invest around $15,000 USD on the remodel, with the objective of having a headquarters for our POLICE downstairs and offices for rent on the upper level. The rent of these offices will provide additional funds to The Council to help maintain the building and the police force.

9. - SCT (Federal Highway Commission). New 4 lanes Highway.
Gonzalo explained that, thanks to the efforts of the Council, the estimated completion of the highway at the entrance to Akumal will be finished earlier than originally planned.

We also negotiated with SCT officials to obtain proper signage in order to avoid accidents at the entrance of all Akumals.

It was explained that the new method of entering Akumal from the southbound lanes would be to pass the entrance, take the 'retorno' near the Akumal Beach Resort and then enter from the northbound side of the highway. Leaving Akumal, one will always go north and either continue northbound or take the 'retorno' and head south.

10. - Water Quality Report, by Paul Sanchez Navarro.

11. - Membership Report.
Din Richardson stated that membership has declined steadily over the past 3 years. There has been a drop in the memberships from private residences and an increase from the local and area businesses. Richard Pargot agreed to take on the challenge of being membership Chairman. THANK YOU Richard!

12. - Election of Board Members and Committees for 2007.
It was agreed to continue without Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, providing that we establish well functioning committees to support the president and the board.

Gonzalo Arcila will continue to be our President for one more year.

Committee leaders as follows:
* Diego Peralta - Water
* Din Richardson - North Akumal Management Plan.
* CEA - Akumal BAY
* Laura Bush - PDU (Akumal Master Plan of Development)
* Richard Pargot - Membership Chairman.
* Marcy Essy - Aventuras Akumal

We are looking for the support of the Members in these Committees.
Input, suggestions, working time and funds are needed to continue with our Mission.

Thank you all.

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