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 The Akumal Council Connection

The Akumalian has agreed to be a de facto site for reporting and publishing various communications that are issued by the Akumal Council (Consejo de Desarrollo de Akumal SA. ) as another vehicle for communicating to the extended global Akumal community.  The official web site for the Akumal Council can be found at

Go to Akumal Council Index   Letters to Municipality   Letters to Membership

North Akumal Road Construction
This should be a short term section with information regarding the construction of the road from the Akumal Dive Shop up to where the police station used to be.  Initially there are articles in Por Esto, aerial photo of road in question, and updates on the Road Fund.

Road Work Being Done, November 28

Aerial Photo of Road Being Repaired

Por Esto Story

Road Fund Contributors


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