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 The Akumal Council Connection

The Akumalian has agreed to be a de facto site for reporting and publishing various communications that are issued by the Akumal Council (Consejo de Desarrollo de Akumal SA. ) as another vehicle for communicating to the extended global Akumal community.  The official web site for the Akumal Council can be found at

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This page is the Index that takes you to the various sub topics and projects as they develop.

2007 Year-End Report
On December 29, 2007, the Akumal Council published its 2007 Year End Report, and it is available here.


General Meetings and Events
Periodically, the Akumal Council has General Assembly Meetings whereby the Board of Directors informs the membership on the progress related to the numerous projects they are working on.  The unofficial Minutes of these Meetings are published here.

This section also includes coverage of certain (general) Events that are not necessarily tied to a specific Project.


Letters to the Municipality
This is an evolving section that may be organized the Project or just the various letters as they happen.  This is being kicked-off with a couple of letters that were sent in October.  We'll see where we go from here.


Letters to the Membership
This section may have limited entries, but at this point in time there is a letter to the Membership with regards to to North Akumal Road project and the Tulum Municipality.  We suspect there will be more letters as time goes by.


North Akumal Road Construction
This should be a short term section with information regarding the construction of the road from the Akumal Dive Shop up to where the police station used to be.  Initially there are articles in Por Esto, aerial photo of road in question, and updates on the Road Fund.


Monthly or Quarterly Newsletter
This is still a work-in-progress between the Akumal Council and The Akumalian.  The Akumalian firmly believes in communications, and that is why we have adopted this service for the Akumal Council, but the Akumal Council BOD needs to initiate communications on a regular basis - Monthly or Quarterly - for it to be published here. 




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