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Gonzalo's "Job Description" with Tulum Municipality

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From Gonzalo Arcila

Thank you very much for your recognition.

The position I have been appointed to is of great responsibility and honorability.  It represents now a great challenge, yet an opportunity, to make a difference for the good of the municipality.

I have sworn, and I am committed, to perform with clarity and to give the best of my abilities, knowledge and experience.  I am committed to do so for the New Municipality of Tulum, and for Akumal especially.  You can be sure that I am putting my heart into it and I will do the best I can.

For those interested in what my duties are (probably you have no idea) here is a direct translation an extract of the Law of Municipalities of the State of Quintana Roo, which describes the faculties and obligation of my position.  Please feel free to share this information to any one interested.  After you read it you might be asking yourself a question: Why in the world is he doing that???  The simple answer is…. “Service to my community.”

Thank You


 Of the Faculties and Obligations of the Municipal Receiver (Sindico)

 Articulate 92. -  To the Municipal Receiver (Sindico) the following attributions and obligations correspond to him :

  1. To watch the correct operation of the Municipal Public Property and to preside over of the Commission of Property of the City council;


  1. To render before the City council, the information relative to the Commission of Property, whichever times is asked for to him;


  1. To present/display to the City council the information or opinions that are asked for to him in relation with their obligations;


  1. To formulate the general inventory of goods of the Municipality;


  1. To be Legal proxy of the City council before judicial instances in which the Municipality is part;


  1. To help the Ministry Public, Federal as much State, in the exercise of its constitutional faculties when these ask for it;


  1. To verify that the contracts and agreements that the Municipality with physical or moral people celebrates fit to their applicable legal dispositions;


  1. To watch that the public cost is made in the form and terms anticipated in the applicable dispositions;


  1. To send to the Legislature of the State, The Municipal Public Account, of previous the immediate exercise, for its revision and control;


  1. To present/display to the City council initiatives of Regulations, Side of Police and Government and other administrative dispositions of general observance or, in its case, of reforms or additions to such;


  1. To attend the sessions of the City council precise;


  1. To solicit and to obtain from the Municipal Treasurer, the information relative to the Municipal Public Property, the exercise of budget, the Municipal Patrimony and other documentation of the municipal, necessary management for the fulfillment of its functions; and


  1. The others that attribute the present Law to him, the regulations and agreements of the City council.


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