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The Akumalian has agreed to be a de facto site for reporting and publishing various communications that are issued by the Akumal Council (Consejo de Desarrollo de Akumal SA. ) as another vehicle for communicating to the extended global Akumal community.  The official web site for the Akumal Council can be found at

Akumal Council 2007 Year-End Report

Below is a synopsis of our most significant projects of 2007.

1. Meetings and Negotiations
Throughout the year, we had meetings and negotiations with SCT officials and some other local Government principals regarding the new 4 lanes highway. The participation of The Akumal Council was significant in accelerating the completion of the entrances on the highway, at least as far as Akumal.

We have participated on Signage matters and recently on the painting of lines and the finishing of the Returns.

Certainly, The Akumal Council and our relations was an important key in this process.

2. - POBAk (Plan de Ordenamiento de la Bahia de Akumal )
This is a very important initiative lead by CEA under the leadership of Paul Sanchez Navarro.  The Akumal Council is able to play an important role by taking advantage of our well established public relations and contacts with Government and by offering the assistance of our consultant, Sergio.

The Akumal Bay Management Plan is a very significant project for Akumal since its main Objective is to prevent further damage to the Akumal Bay, to improve safety for swimmers and tourists in general, and to reduce in a significant way the number of boats and activities on the Bay.

After months of meetings, discussions and workshops, the document, which will provide a well structured plan to PROTECT OUR BAY, is almost finished .  It is expected that this plan will be used as a model for the rest of the state of Quintana Roo.

There is ongoing work to be done with the fishermen and other people who use the bay in order to accomplish the goals of this project.  There is still a lot to do, but there have also been significant accomplishments, such as the Buoy System, the new Security Staff on the Beach, and the institution of the Rules and Policies stated by the POBAk.

3. - The Old Fidecaribe Building .
Taking into consideration the abandoned, run down appearance of this structure at the main entrance of Akumal, this represents a significant accomplishment and a very long term goal of The Akumal Community.

After three years of negotiations with the Municipality, we were finally given a Contract that gives us the rights to the building.

We invested around $10,000 USD of Council funds to remodel it, with the intention to have the Police Headquarters downstairs and offices for The Council in the upper level.

In addition to that, we will rent out part of the building (as approved by the General Assembly) in order to create additional funds and other resources for the  Akumal Council and our ongoing community projects.  The business that is renting part of the lower portion is investing a considerable sum to improve the function and appearance  of the entire building.

We hope to begin using the entire building, including moving the Police there, during first months of  2008.

4. - The North Akumal Road
This is certainly the project with the most direct impact on the central and North Akumal communities.

The new section of road, paved in adocreto, is finished except for final details.  There is still a portion that we had hoped to do that has not been completed, but funds permitting, we will do it during the coming year.

Thanks to the generous contributions of many Akumal property owners, businesses and investors, we have been able to complete this $65,000 USD project.

Many Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

There are of course many other activities, negotiations and participators involved in The Akumal Council Agenda.  We would like to mention in particular CAPA, the Mayor, Gonzalo Arcila, the hard work of the all the board members, the super useful help of Steve Clouther and The Akumalian, and the always helpful Sergio Gonzalez.

Many Thanks to all you who have supported supported the Akumal Council.


Merry Christmas and The Best wishes for the New Year,

The Akumal Council 



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